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Luxury Mindset

Luxury Mindset
Does it ever seem that everyone around you is living in the lap of luxury? As if others have more support and(or) resources to achieve the lifestyle they’ve dreamed of. Walk away from these thoughts... They'll just confuse you.
There are millions of fierce fashionistas making smart and savvy choices about their style investments. And the luxurious lifestyle craze that continues to sweep social media is a strategic ploy to convince you that you’re lacking something everyone else has. Don’t believe the hype! With or without luxury you are going to live consistent with what you believe to be true about yourself. This includes your shopping habits. I grew up an inner city kid in Memphis, TN convinced I’d never be able to afford designer labels. Then I got smart and started shopping consignment.
I’m here to create a shift in the resale movement by helping women realize their high end fashion potential.
It wasn’t until someone said to me “I bet you have a closet full of designers” that I realized people really believed this. I’m a luxury consignment connoisseur. I can also spot a counterfeit handbag within a 3 to 5 yard radius :). But at the core, I’m just a girl who walked into Louis Vuitton and thought there had to be a way I could own a handbag without spending my life fortune.
Think about it. We have little resistance to purchasing “previously-owned” cars or “refurbished” technology. What makes luxury consignment any different?! It's a shift in mindset from deprivation to aspiration. So when your favorite celebrity makes an appearance draped in Fendi instead of Forever 21 you have to believe that could be you. 
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